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We started this site for the Summit because we wanted to set the tone for what this Summit is all about. The 1st Annual Hip-Hop History Month Celebration: Elements of Culture Hip-Hop Educational Summit if no one is aware, is historic. When you stop and think about the student body of Lehman College; the location of Lehman College; and the history of the so-called last boro; the reputation… statistics… and so on and so on… and then being able to boast about being the birthplace of Hip-Hop… Amazing 

Just like Lehman College, the Bronx is home to a diverse mix of cultures and this truth is represented in Hip-Hop Culture. This speaks to the very heart and soul of this Summit. The Elements of Culture Hip-Hop Educational Summit is a celebration of and tribute to Hip-Hop. The goal is not to critique the current state of rap music. This Summit is designed re-educate those in attendance about the True history, True Purpose of Hip-Hop. To re-claim and re-establish that Hip-Hop is for and about our Youth. Their protection in a society hostile to them. Their education in a society hostile to them. Their growth in a society hostile to them. To shout out that Hip-Hop is much, much more than beats and rhymes… And make no mistake the beats and rhymes will be celebrated on this day… but so will the other elements that make Hip-Hop Culture the global phenomenon it has grown to be. 

The Elements of Culture: Hip-Hop Educational Summit also acknowledges the debt owed to Hip-Hop’s 1st International Hip-Hop Awareness Organization – The Universal Zulu Nation. 

How can there be a Hip-Hop History Month Celebration anywhere that does not acknowledge and reach out to the Universal Zulu Nation. With chapters all over the world, The UZN has made manifest its vision of Planet Rock. Hip-Hop’s global reach and influence is in large part due to the UZN. The bridging of Cultures: Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White worldwide. The awakening of Higher Consciousness, Self Expression and Creativity that like the Knowledge of our Ancient Ancestors, told us who we were, who we are and who we could be – Knowledge of Self, of our Communities, our People… The Universal Zulu Nation is the Foundation of Hip-Hop. And as we bear witness to Hip-Hop entering institutions of Higher Learning… So must its Foundation. The Universal Zulu Nation and all Pioneers of the Culture we claim identifies who we are. 

We have already learned the lesson of no longer Being the Ones who control, document, archive, distribute, lay claim – OWN what we create. Look at the world today and everywhere we look, we can see the effects of mis-education. Our Ancient Knowledge being used to enslave us instead of Enlighten us. Where’s the Universal Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Peace Luv, Justice, Equality etched in stone by the Ancients. Where’s the Science, Mathematics, Critical Thinking skills of the Ancients? Their Lyrical Prose and dexterity… Get it?…lol…

So, are we once again going to bare witness of the effects of having what we created being controlled, documented, archived, distributed, lay claim – OWN by others? Harvard, Yale, Cornell, USC and so many institutions of higher education are benefiting from the addition of Hip-Hop Educational programs… Why shouldn’t Lehman benefit from a Hip-Hop Pedagogical Program. 

Lehman College is special because it is an institution of Higher Learning right here in the Bronx, not far from Sedgewick Ave. Come on…That’s why this Summit is important. Just like the Bronx, just like Hip-Hop, it is a collective of diverse individuals, diverse culture, that so beautifully and uniquely blend into this One amazing entity all its Own. 

On Friday November 8, we come together to celebrate Lehman, the Bronx and Hip-Hop Culture. We honor and pay tribute to our Elders DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa for laying the foundation; and we show and prove the Power of Hip-Hop Pedagogy… 

This is also the spirit of this group. We are here to celebrate Hip-Hop Culture. We are here to exchange Knowledge… elevate social, political awareness and most importantly have fun… Its Hip-Hop… its Life…


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    […] A Message from ClassAction Student Group… (1stannualhiphopsummit2013.wordpress.com) […]

    […] A Message from ClassAction Student Group… (1stannualhiphopsummit2013.wordpress.com) […]

    […] A Message from ClassAction Student Group… (1stannualhiphopsummit2013.wordpress.com) […]

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