MC K~Swift

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MC K~Swift

M.C. K~Swift (New Rap Order/ Universal Zulu Nation) is the Director of Youth Services for the Universal Zulu Nation. He is a Hip-Hop artist and educator, who has been recording and performing since 1994. He’s been a published poet since the age of 17, and appears in HBO’s “Brave New Voices” series. M.C. K~Swift has conducted creative writing and performance workshops in hundreds of high schools in NYC and throughout the tri-state area since 1999, as well as in institutions including: CUNY Grad Center, The New School, NYU, Wesleyan University and Columbia University. He has also trained educators at numerous schools, non-profit organizations and community centers on cultivating creativity in their classrooms.  A founding member of the progressive Hip-Hop collective, New  Rap Order, and a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, M.C. K~Swift is among both the vanguard and the old guard of True School Hip-Hop Culture.

M.C. K~Swift has been very instrumental as a co- coordinate for the 1st Annual Hip-Hop History Month Celebration: Elements of Culture Hip-Hop Educational Summit. Over a chance meeting and brief converstaion, he threw his total support and heart into making this Summit a success. ClassAction Student Group thanks you M.C. K~Swift, for sharing our vision for the future of Hip-Hop Education…

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