K.D.W – Kicking Down Walls…

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Brotha Malcom(11yrs. old) & Sista Dae(8yrs. old) make up the group K.D.W. which was introduced 2 the industry in 2009. K.D.W. stands for Kicking Down Walls. They may be small but pack a big punch when it comes 2 delivery and lyrical content. They attack social issues that most groups don’t touch, issues like Bullying, Stem cell research, self awareness and the alarming epidemic of gun violence. 9 songs  make up the album from “Good Day”, “Thanks Mr. President” to “No Time For You Bully” and “Fallen Angels”. With this diverse collection of music, it’s evident that they are ready for the industry.
With show after show that have left people stunned at their performances, it is safe to say that that they are making their mark.  Having performed at showcases like Maria Davis’ at The Shrine as well as shows at the Times Square Arts Theater, Von Kink Park’s “Family Day” in Brooklyn and  Maria Davis’ “Aid Awareness Day” in Harlem K.D.W. has been busy.  They have also performed at P.S.26, P.S. 81 and M.S.204 as well as churches and other community events around the city.  They are ready to showcase their talents anywhere and at anytime.  they love performing, especially when they get a chance to perform for kids their age.
Being a triple threat, from singing, rapping and acting Brotha Malcolm and Sista Dea are poised to have a major impact on the entertainment business.  They recently had the opportunity to showcase their acting skills in a wonderful play entitled “Reality Check,” written by Ms. Britt, the Executive Director of the Von King Cultural Center.  The play poignantly portrays the sad reality of bullying and gun violence in urban areas and their song “No Time For You Bully” was featured in the play, with an overwhelmingly positive feed back from the packed audience.With endorsements from Nancy SillberKheit, Co-CEO of Archie Comics and Danny Simmons (Rush Arts) for their anti bullying campaign, many prominent and influential people are lining up behind K.D.W. because they believe in the music.  2013 promises to be a big year for the group and for all of those who have the opportunity to experience their music and shows.
Performing for the Hip Hop Summit For Lehman College is an honor for K.D.W. Entertainment Group
ClassAction is honored to have K.D.W. Entertainment Group
perform at the 
1st Annual Hip-Hop History Month Celebration: Elements of Culture Hip-Hop Educational Summit

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