Meet Special Guest Panelist – KID TIC / SHAKEZDAGHETTO – Open Mind Ent.

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Kid Tic in 1983

The New / Shakez is involved in many different business ventures across the board. From Consulting (Financial, Asset Loans & Business), Entertainment Industries( Sports, Fashion, Films, Music, TV., Radio & Distribution), Smart TV. & Pay-Per View Tours etc… Shakez knows how to connect the right people with each other and is a MASTER NETWORKER!!
The Old / Wajid(Shakezdaghetto)Jemmott has been in the game since the early 80’s Popping and breaking under the alias (Kid Tic) Popping with some of Flatbush BK’s greatest like Stretch & Powerful Kid Tic never lost a battle. Kid Tic taught so many other kids in the neighborhood how to pop and break. Brighton Beach was the place where all brooklyn dancers went to have big battles. From Poppatrons, Breakers With Class, Grand Floor Wizards, Nasty With Rock and Masters Of Breaking just to name a few of BK’s best crews. Kid Tic was basically part of all the crews being a secret weapon to battle rival boroughs best to win all battles. The Tic was signed to TAPPS Management / STARLITE RECORDS Under (Tony Dick) Label mates were The Original Bad Boys Featuring K-LOVE/Bad Girls Featuring (Me) Beatmaster TIC, MC. Serch, Jungle Brothers. Performed for at least 250,000 spectators at the young age of 14yrs old. Sweet Tee from Bad Girls and ILL from the group ILL&AL Scratch told me I should start Rapping. Well I took there advice and Exploding into the world of MC’S. Working on my first treasures of lyrics at the same time I jumped into Producing my own Music. Then I met the founder and leader of the group (SLAVE) Steve Washington. Steve introduced me to the world of Production and the music BIZ in a whole. Working with the Legendary George Clinton (Funkadelics) to Mudbone (FLYGIRL) Meeting Roger Troutman, Clive Davis (J-Records), Tommy Matola (SONY Music), Kalil (Kool&The Gang) Irene & Husband at House Of Music Studios(West Orange N.J.) Where every hit Albums from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and the 90’s were engineered or produced in. Albums Like Thriller from Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton Albums, Stevie Wonders Albums, Of Course SLAVE Albums and George Clinton’s Albums From his Funkadelic early Days. There’s many more to mention but there is no room. I did various albums with Steve & SLAVE and George Clinton. Steve Mentored me and Taught me the game of music and the biz of music. Shakez taught a full year of The origin of Hip Hop, Poetry and the business of Music with a grant from The Children’s Aid Society. Shakez invited B.E.T. and G-Unit etc.. at the end of the course for a Q&A session with the whole student body.  It’s so much more about Shakezdaghetto but currently he’s running 4 companies (Open Mind Ent./TV./Consulting Group) plus equity in 5 others. Shakez is also part of a children’s record label called K.D.W. Entertainment Group with Stan Morse. The 1st. group off the label is K.D.W. (Kicking Down Walls) Brotha Malcolm & Sista Day who has songs on their 1st. album connected to campaigns. From Anti-Gun Anti-Bullying Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness and Self Empowerment Etc… K.D.W. is the future of The New Hip Hop But with the old ways it was originally formed.
Shakez also went to H.S. with Biggie, Busta and Jay-Z. 
Google- Shakezdaghetto


Shakezdaghetto interviews his good friend Danny Simmons (Rush Arts) Part 1 of 3 parts

Shakezdaghetto interviews SpliffStarr from FlipMode 

ClassAction is honored to have the legendary KID TIC as a special guest panelist for the

1st Annual Hip-Hop History Month Celebration: Elements of Culture Hip-Hop Educational Summit…

He will also be bringing with him a very special guest:

 Margaret Ntim


Margaret Ntim is an entertainment mogul on the rise. Born and raised in NYC, she always knew music was her calling. From the time she was a young woman, she was determined to make it her career. Margaret, got her start in the music industry as an intern for the New York label group Island Def Jam/Republic Records. During this time, Margaret worked on several projects in music, working with artists such as Nas, 2 Chainz, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean to name a few. Having had several internships at Viacom Media networks, and G-Unit Records. These days, Margaret is focused on establishing herself as not only a staple in the music industry but also as a brand/figure for young women to look up to. With this, she can show that with dedication, hard work, and perseverance you can achieve all your dreams and desires.

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