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The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace

This Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace guides Hip-Hop Kulture toward freedom from violence, and establishes advice and protection for the existence and development of the international Hip-Hop community. Through the principles of this Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace we, Hip-Hop Kulture, establish a foundation of Health, Love, Awareness, Wealth, peace and prosperity for ourselves, our children and their children’s children, forever. For the clarification of Hip-Hop’s meaning and purpose, or when the intention of Hip-Hop is questioned, or when disputes between parties arise concerning Hip-Hop; Hip-Hoppas shall have access to the advice of this document, The Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace, as guidance, advice and protection.

First Principle

Hip-Hop is a term that describes our independent collective consciousness. Ever growing, it is commonly expressed through such elements as Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beatboxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. Wherever and whenever these and future elements and expressions of Hip-Hop Kulture manifest; this Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace shall advise the use and interpretation of such elements, expressions and lifestyle.

Second Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture respects the dignity and sanctity of life without discrimination or prejudice. Hip-Hoppas shall thoroughly consider the protection and the development of life, over and before the individual decision to destroy or seek to alter its natural development.

Third Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture respects the Laws and agreements of its culture, its country, its institutions and whomever it does business with. Hip-Hop does not irresponsibly break Laws and commitments.

Fourth Principle

Hip-Hop is a term that describes our independent collective consciousness. As a conscious way of life, we acknowledge our influence on society, especially on children; and we shall forever keep the rights and welfare of both in mind. Hip-Hop Kulture encourages womanhood, manhood, sisterhood, brotherhood, childhood and family. We are conscious not to bring any intentional disrespect that jeopardizes the dignity and reputation of our children, elders and ancestors.

Fifth Principle

The ability to define, defend and educate ourselves is encouraged, developed, preserved, protected and promoted as a means toward peace and prosperity, and toward the protection and the development of our self-worth. Through knowledge of purpose and the development of our natural and learned skills, Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to always present their best work and ideas.

Sixth Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture honors no relationship, person, event, act or otherwise wherein the preservation and further development of Hip-Hop’s culture, principles and elements are not considered or respected. Hip-Hop Kulture does not participate in activities that clearly destroy or alter its ability to productively and peacefully exist. Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to initiate and participate in fair trade and honesty in all negotiations and transactions.

Seventh Principle

The essence of Hip-Hop is beyond entertainment: The elements of Hip-Hop Kulture may be traded for money, honor, power, respect, food, shelter, information and other resources; however, Hip-Hop and its culture cannot be bought, nor is it for sale. It (Hip-Hop) cannot be transferred or exchanged by or to anyone for any compensation at any time or at any place. Hip-Hop is not a product. Hip-Hop is the priceless principle of our self-empowerment.

Eighth Principle

Companies, corporations, non and not-for-profit organizations, as well as individuals and groups that are clearly benefiting from the use, interpretation and/or exploitation of the term Hip-Hop, (i.e. Hip Hop, hip-hop,) and the expressions and terminologies of Hip-Hop, (i.e. Hip Hop, hip-hop,) are encouraged to commission and/or employ a full-time or part-time certified Hip-Hop Kultural Specialist to interpret and answer sensitive cultural questions regarding the principles and proper presentations of Hip-Hop’s elements and culture; relative to businesses, individuals, organizations, communities, cities, as well as other countries.

Ninth Principle

May 3 is Rap Music Day. Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to dedicate their own time and talent to self-development and for service to their communities. Every third week in May is Hip-Hop Appreciation Week. During this time, Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to honor their ancestors, reflect upon their cultural contributions and appreciate the elements and principles of Hip-Hop Kulture. November is Hip-Hop History Month. During this time Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to participate in the creating, learning and honoring of Hip-Hop’s history and historical cultural contributors.

Tenth Principle

Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to build meaningful and lasting relationships that rest upon Love, trust, equality and respect. Hip-Hoppas are encouraged not to cheat, abuse, or deceive their friends.

Eleventh Principle

The Hip-Hop community exists as an international culture of consciousness that provides all races, tribes, religions and styles of people a foundation for the communication of their best ideas and works. Hip-Hop Kulture is united as one multi-skilled, multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-racial people committed to the establishment and the development of peace.

Twelfth Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture does not intentionally or voluntarily participate in any form of hate, deceit, prejudice or theft at any time. At no time shall Hip-Hop Kulture engage in any violent war within itself. Those who intentionally violate the principles of this Declaration of Peace or intentionally reject its advice, forfeit by their own actions the protections set forth herein.

Thirteenth Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture rejects the immature impulse for unwarranted acts of violence and always seeks diplomatic, non-violent strategies in the settlement of all disputes. Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to consider forgiveness and understanding before any act of retaliation. War is reserved as a final solution when there is evidence that all other means of diplomatic negotiation have failed repeatedly.

Fourteenth Principle

Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to eliminate poverty, speak out against injustice and shape a more caring society and a more peaceful world. Hip-Hop Kulture supports a dialogue and action that heals divisions in society, addresses the legitimate concerns of humankind and advances the cause of peace.

Fifteenth Principle

Hip-Hoppas respect and learn from the ways of Nature, regardless of where we are on this planet. Hip-Hop Kulture holds sacred our duty to contribute to our own survival as independent, free-thinking beings in and throughout the Universe. This planet, commonly known as Earth is our nurturing parent and Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to respect Nature and all creations and inhabitants of Nature.

Sixteenth Principle

Hip-Hop’s pioneers, legends, teachas, elders, and ancestors shall not be inaccurately quoted, misrepresented, or disrespected at any time. No one should profess to be a Hip-Hop pioneer or legend unless they can prove with facts and/or witnesses their credibility and contributions to Hip-Hop Kulture.

Seventeenth Principle

Hip-Hoppas are encouraged to share resources. Hip-Hoppas should give as freely and as often as possible. It is the duty of every Hip-Hoppa to assist, whenever possible, in the relief of human suffering and in the correction of injustice. Hip-Hop is shown the highest respect when Hip-Hoppas respect each other. Hip-Hop Kulture is preserved, nurtured and developed when Hip-Hoppas preserve, nurture and develop one another.

Eighteenth Principle

Hip-Hop Kulture maintains a healthy, caring and wealthy, central Hip-Hop guild – fully aware and invested with the power to promote, teach, interpret, modify and defend the principles of this Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace.